Sustainability – we have an eye on the future!

Locally sourced products

We take freshness, quality and sustainability seriously and are passionate about them.

We produce our own electricity, using the power of the sun. After all, the sun shines more on our beautiful island of Fehmarn than anywhere else in Germany. Thanks to solar thermal energy and the sun, we can produce the hot water for the hotel and heating all by ourselves.

Our biggest contribution in terms of sustainability is probably that we source our products from the region! Our meat comes from animals raised on our own farm. The agricultural hobby of owner Matthias Meetz thus ideally benefits the running of the restaurant.

Fruit and vegetables from Fehmarn farmers

As our fruit and vegetables – and especially the delicious potatoes – come from the vegetable farmers of Fehmarn, we can avoid a lot of long-distance transport and benefit from the island’s healthy soil. Matthias and Joschka Meetz go hunting on the local hunting grounds to bring back the meat for our venison dishes. This allows us to ensure that everything we serve you is fresh and natural.

We are committed to this!

Your Meetz family and team